About me

Hey Awesome One…My name is Kunal Jandial a.k.a. Positive Kunal. I’m a Mental Health Advocate, Life Coach, Author, and a Thinker.

Music is my drug and Nature is my love. I like Writing, Reading, Teaching, Travelling, playing video games, and helping people in solving their life problems.

In my life, I have faced depression 3 times (2 times major and 1 time moderate) and had defeated it each time without any medication or healing.

Those two years of struggle with depression – which was the darkest phase of my life and even made me feel suicidal – have completely changed my life and taught me so many things.

I have faced depression 3 times as there is a lack of depression awareness.

After defeating depression the first two times, I faced depression the third time as I didn’t know “What to do after defeating depression so that you never face it again?” So, after my third fight with depression, I learned and taught myself: What are the things you need to do so that depression never ever enters your life again.

The lessons that I have learned during my time with depression are just invaluable and I want to spread my knowledge so that people facing depression don’t face the problems that I had faced.

Awesome One…after my 3rd depression, it has become my life’s mission to spread depression awareness and destigmatize it – so that our future generations don’t face the problems that I have faced and you are facing regarding depression.

I want to help people in defeating depression so that they can enjoy their life. For that, I have written an eBook that has already helped so many people in defeating depression – which includes students, employees, artists, people doing offline and online business, people preparing for competitive exams, unemployed people, etc.

Moreover, I write articles on this blog that anybody can read.

Awesome one…millions of people face depression all around the world and it is the number one cause of suicide but still many people avoid talking about it or getting help regarding defeating depression as there is a taboo attached to depression.

I want to remove the stigma around depression so that we can see a time where people can talk about depression freely and without any hesitation.

Remember: Your mental health is as important as your physical health…or i would say even more important than physical health.

How you support yourself financially?

I make money by selling my eBooks. Moreover, I also used to make money from the consultation but due to time constraints and as every person can’t afford it, I started giving free email support to my eBook buyers.

What else do you do other than blogging and helping people in defeating depression?

I’m a hardcore mind enthusiast. I spend lots of my time understanding and learning about the human mind so that I can help people in solving their mental health problems such as depression, overthinking, stress, and addiction.

I have already written 2 ebooks – one on depression and the other on overthinking – and more ebooks will come soon.

Other than learning about the human brain, I listen to music a lot and play video games.

How does your typical day look like?

After waking up, I do some initial tasks, and then I write my gratitude journal. Then I turn on the music and give 1-2 hours to exercise, yoga, and meditation.

Then I take a bath, eat something light, and read my today’s goals journal – which I wrote the previous night. After that, I use my day to complete my goals which include ( but not limited to) replying to emails, learning, writing, and looking at my marketing campaigns.

I play video games, watch some YouTube videos, or watch documentaries in between…and also spend some time on social media but not much [10-15 min]. At last, before going to sleep I read my gratitude journal, reflect on my day, and then go to sleep by writing my next day goals journal.

P.S. For the last 1 month, I’m sleeping at 5 p.m and waking up at 10 p.m.

Are you working on any new ebook?

Yeah! My next eBook could be on addiction – mobile addiction, social media addiction, masturbation addiction, smoking addiction, etc.

I’m learning about the various facets of addiction…and with my own experiences, I will start writing my next eBook soon 🙂

Where do you live?

I’m from India and was born in a village named Sujanpur located near Pathankot in Punjab…but currently, I live in New Delhi. Moreover, I spend 2-3 months or even more in Himachal Pradesh – because I love nature and mountains.

How can you help me in defeating depression?

My master plan to help you in defeating depression is very clear:

Buy my ebook; read it, implement it, and in your journey to defeat depression if you face any problem, email me and I will provide you solutions to your problems.

Awesome One…I’m dedicated to helping you in defeating depression, the real question: Are you also ready to help yourself?

Hell Yeah, you are ready to help yourself! That’s why you are on this blog. So, don’t overthink, buy my eBook now and start your journey to defeat depression. Click here to get details.

How can I contact you?

I strongly recommend that if you are in depression, first get my eBook; read and start implementing it…and then contact me if you face any genuine problem.

That’s it for now. See you next time awesome one. Till then, always remember: You are important, you are worthy, and you can defeat depression 😉