How Breakup or Divorce cause you Depression and the Solution?

How Breakup or Divorce cause you Depression and the Solution?

Hey Awesome One! I get lots of messages, where people ask me Questions such as, “Hello Sir! I have a breakup and now I’m in a depression, what should I do?” and “Hello Kunal, I am facing problems in my marriage and it is becoming a reason behind my depression, what can I do?”

So Today, I will talk about How to face Breakup, Divorce or any other relationship problem- in a positive way– so that it doesn’t become your reason behind depression.”

So lets Roll in:)

How Relationship problems cause depression?

So, lets say you just have a breakup up or a divorce, when you face such situations in life, you could feel sad, lonely, hopeless, unworthy, irritated, angry, etc. Your sleeping and eating patterns could change.

You could be overeating or binge eating. You might face problems while sleeping. You could feel that you are now lonely and nobody cares about you.

You could feel that this life is not worthy to live. You might get thoughts in your mind such as “How would I live without my partner?”, “This Breakup is a Total Disaster”.

If you keep thinking negatively after your breakup/divorce( lets say, you let these negative feelings and thoughts to dwell in your mind for 10 days), then after some time these negative feelings and thoughts will start controlling you and your mind and Eventually, they will manifest themselves in a form of depression.

So, to prevent depression, it is very important to face this cause of depression in a positive way. Lets see how to do it.

How to Face this Cause in a Positive Way?

First, see whether you and your partner are willing to come back in a relationship/ marriage, or Not.

If Either one of you is not willing to come back in a relationship, then, accept your partner decision and move on with your life.

A relationship is a bond or an unconditional love between two people and this love can’t be forced. If your partner is not willing to live with you, then accept it and move on with your life.

End of a relationship/ marriage is not an end of your life. You will find a person who is more compatible and is happy with you but don’t force anyone into a relationship.

Now, lets say you and your partner are willing to solve problems in your relationship/ marriage and want to come back. Then sit down, relax your mind, feel happy for being alive, and write down in points all the problems(reasons) that caused that breakup, Divorce or a relationship problem.

Divide these problems into two categories: Problems caused by you and the Problems caused by your partner.

You focus on problems, you get more problems. When you focus on solution, you get solution.

For problems that you have caused, you should focus on solving those problems first. You are a creator of these problems and you should know how to solve them.

If you are facing difficulty in finding a solution, then take help of your loved one or just google your problem and lots of solutions will come out.

Now, you have solved your side of problems and now its time to look into the problems that are caused by your partner. Ask your partner to solve these problems so that we can live a happy life together.

You can also assist your partner in solving his/her side of problems.

In this way, all problems that have caused your break up/ divorce would be solved and you both can start living a happy and peaceful life together.

Your Lesson

After a break-up, divorce or any relationship problem, see whether you or your partner are willing to solve the problems of your relationship and want to come back. If NO, then accept your partner decision, move on in your life and focus on your life goals.

If YES, then solve all the problems and live with love and Peace.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting into a Relationship

-What are your and your partner requirements with a relationship. Be very Clear about them.

-Are you in this relationship for a Real love or for a timepass or just for Sex. Make things clear beforehand.

-Don’t make such promises to your partner, which you can’t fulfill in future.

-Don’t break someone heart just for fun. Remember, some people take this very seriously and for the sake of revenge can also harm you.

-From the very start, be very clear about your commitment level in this relationship.

-Don’t make use of your partner because karma never fails.

-Don’t start your Relationship with lies and also don’t tell big fat lies to your partner during your relationship. These lies can haunt you in the Future.

-Lastly, don’t become so dependent on your partner that if he/she leaves, you feel devastated or Incomplete. Many people do this mistake, so avoid it any cost from the very start.

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