How Bullying Cause You Depression and the Solution?

How Bullying Cause You Depression and the Solution

Many people face bullying at least once in their life.

For Teenagers, College and schools are the places where they face it and For Adults, Workplace is the place of their bullying.

But Bullying is not limited to School, College and workplace. One can face Bullying anywhere and at any point of his/her life.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is when people make fun of you, ridicule you, make jokes around you, mock you, etc., and you don’t like it. These people are disrespecting you every day with complete awareness that you don’t like it.

Your bullies can also beat you, they call you by some derogatory name and spread this name all around your school/ college/ workplace and now everybody call you by that derogatory name only.

How it causes Depression?

So, if someone is facing bullying everyday or most of the days and he/she is not doing anything about it.

These forces of bullying could generate negative feelings and thoughts in his/her mind.

Negative feelings like sadness, worthlessness, irritation, low self-confidence, anger, self-hatred, hopelessness can dwell in his/her mind and negative thoughts like…

“I am worthless”, “Everybody makes fun me”, “Everybody mocks me and call me by some derogatory name” can haunt him/her.

As a person starts living his/her life with these negative feelings/ thoughts and do nothing to get rid of them.

These feelings/thoughts can become his/her reason behind depression in future.

So what is the Solution?

Solution here is to take stand for yourself, don’t let anyone to disrespect you.

“You need to protect your Respect yourself. Don’t expect from anybody to protect your respect

First, lets talk about people who have faced depression and now they are not facing it.

You need to forgive your bullies for your peace of mind and need to take a pledge that from Today, I will not let anyone to disrespect me.

I will stop my bullying the moment I face it. I will not ignore it and take a stand to protect my respect.

It is in my hands to protect my Respect and I will not let any bully to play with it for his/her fun, pride, ego or any thing.

Second, Lets talk about people who are facing bullying right now.

You guys need to be strong and you need to stop your bullying right now. Your bullying will not stop automatically, you have to take a stand.

Tell the administration about you being facing bullying and also tell your bullies to stop bullying you or they will face consequences(Tell them this in a strong voice and with determination).

Now, if your administration don’t take any serious step and/ or your bullies don’t stop your bullying then its time for them to face consequences.

These consequences are: make fun of them, beat them if they beat you, and make memes/ jokes around them.

Teach them the lesson and show them that you not weak and they will stop bullying you sooner or later.

If after beating them your administration ask you why did you beat him/her

Tell them directly” These guys are bullying me and it is making me depressed; I had told the administration but they hadn’t taken any serious step to stop them, what you expect from me”

Don’t ignore your bullying and expect from your bullies to stop bullying you someday. Take your stand, face your bullies and defeat them.

I had been bullied during my school days and for a long time, I ignored it, as I thought that they will stop someday but I was wrong, they never stopped.

I had made fun of them, made jokes around them and had also taken my stand many times but two things that i didn’t done are: Not telling School administration and didn’t beat the hell out of them when they beaten me.

Bullying didn’t play a direct role in my depression episodes but it had played a kind of sneaky and minor role and…

I don’t want bullying to become a reason behind your depression and I also didn’t want you to do mistakes that I did.

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