How Criticism Can Cause you Depression and the Solution?

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Criticism is a part of life and every single person on this planet face criticism whether for a good thing or a bad one.

So, it is indispensable that a person should know “How to face his/ her criticism in a positive way”.

People can criticize your work and they can even criticize your personal / natural body traits. People Criticism has no upper level.

Some people even have a habit of criticism and it is important to stay away from this kind of people as the only thing they do is criticism, appreciation is not a part of their life.

No matter how good work you do- this kind of people will always criticize you.

There is only one way to avoid Criticism: Do Nothing, Say Nothing, and Be Nothing.

You can also feel like Daniel Radcliffe when people criticize you:

But critics work is to criticize and you can’t stop them.


How Criticism cause depression?

Now, Lets first see the Chain of Depression for Criticism or How criticism can lead to your depression.

When any person face criticism, he/she experience negative feelings like anger, irritation, sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness, etc., and at the same time…

Person also gets negative thoughts in his/her mind such as , “I’m not worthy”, “I can’t do it”, “This thing is not for me”, “Why people are criticizing me?”.

Now, when you harbour these negative feelings and thoughts in your mind for 10 -20 days and do nothing towards getting rid of them, they can take you to depression.

First Mild, then Moderate and finally a Major Depression.

So How to face Criticism in a positive way?

If you are doing something wrong and people criticize you, then accept your wrongdoing, apologize for that and never repeat the same mistake. This kind of Criticism is Necessary.

Now, if you are doing something good or just doing your normal work like content creation if you are content creator, creating music if you are a musician, running a business if you are a business owner, etc., and people criticize you and/or your work.

Listen to your Criticism and separate the constructive criticism from destructive one.

Constructive Criticism is the one where people criticize you in a healthy language and also provide you with the points required to improve yourself or your work.

This criticism is good and feedback from these critics can help you with improvements. You can learn from this kind of Critics and can grow in life.

Second is Destructive Criticism, which you simply need to ignore. This type of critics use derogatory language, provide no value and give you nothing to improve yourself or your work.

If you focus on Destructive criticism then you can’t do anything in your life.

No matter what would you do in your life, Good or Bad, Some people will always criticize you in a destructive manner. Important thing here is to ignore such critics

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