How Exam Failure Can Cause you Depression and the Solution?

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In my previous Article, I talked about “How a Failure in Business can cause your Depression“.

On the Similar Note, Today I will Talk about, “How a Failure in Exam can Cause you Depression and How to Solve it”

Almost every person on this mother earth face some kind of failure in exam.

This exam can be your School exam, College Exam, Job Exam, Entrance Exam, Promotion exam, Government job Exam, etc.

So, it is very important that a person should learn “How to Face failure in an exam in a positive way” and once again our School and College never teach us that, but still they expect good marks from us.

What is Failure?

Failure can be of two types:

First, a Real Failure which happens when you work hard for a particular exam but you didn’t pass it.

Second, a failure caused due to your expectations such as I expected 90 marks in the exam but got only 80, He got 95 marks and I got only 85 or I expect A grade but got only B grade.

This Second type of Failure is not a Real Failure. It is a failure just because you consider it a failure as it fell short on your Expectations.

So, Root of this kind of failure is not failure but your expectations and I have already talked about “How your expectations lead to depression“. You can read that article for the same.

Now, lets talk about first type of failure, it is a failure as you didn’t pass the exam besides preparing hard for it.

If you didn’t work hard for your exams and then you failed in your college semester exams, then it is not a failure but a consequence of your mistake.

Here, Mistake is not working hard for passing your semester exams and consequence is You need to again go through the semester.

Also, if you have to repeat the whole class in your school, or whole semester or year in your college then it is again not a failure, it is a consequence you face as you didn’t even work 40 percent to pass out these exams.

Without studying, you can’t pass any exam.

So, here the failure I’m talking about is a failure you face after you worked with dedication for an exam but still face failure in it, For example, you worked hard for a promotion paper, an entrance exam, or a scholarship paper but you didn’t succeed.

How a Failure in Exam Take you to Depression

When you didn’t succeed besides working hard then feelings such as sadness, anger, hopelessness, worthlessness, irritation, low- confidence, and loneliness comes inside you, which is natural.

Along with these feelings, negative thoughts such as, “I can’t do it”, “I’m not that intelligent”, “I’m a total failure” also come inside your mind.

Now, if you shift your focus on the present, take failure as it is and move on from these negative feelings and thoughts, then everything would be alright but if you spend your next 20-25 days with these negative feelings and thoughts then you could get into depression.

In my Country India, many students go into depression in schools and college times.

One of the main reasons behind it is a failure in entrance exams such as IIT-JEE (Engineering entrance exam) or NEET (Doctor Entrance exams), and failure in College Semester Exams.

This situation is not only prominent in India but all over the world.

Number of School and College students facing depression is only increasing day by day and due to less awareness about depression, these students never understand that they are actually facing depression.

Also, Depression is the Number 1 cause of Teen Suicide all over the world.

What is the Solution

Solution here is simple. As I have said in my previous post…

Failure is Success, without failure there is no Success. Failure is a stepping Stone to Success.

If you have worked hard and smart for any exam but you fail, then understand the reasons behind your failure.

Bring out a pen and Paper and write down in bullet points about “The reasons behind your failure” and then spend your next days in improving yourself and implementing lessons that failure has taught you.

Bring positive thoughts inside your mind such as, “How can I improve myself?”,”Where am I lagging?”, ”What are my Strengths and Weaknesses?” and then focus on improving yourself so that you don’t fail next time.

Your Lesson

If you haveworked hard for your exam but still face failure in it then don’t worry, just find out where you are lagging, work on your weaknesses and you will definitely succeed in your exam next time.

Things to Keep in Mind before giving any Exam

-Find your Strengths and Weaknesses.

-Give more time to your weaknesses and less time to your Strengths.

-Give as many mock tests you can give before your actual exam.

-Learn from your mistakes in mock test and then apply that learning in next mock.

-Make proper strategy for your exam.

-Don’t left behind anything, know about the complete syllabus and cover each and every topic. This is the mistake many people do. Don’t leave anything behind.

-Don’t study for 1 day before you exam, it calms your mind.

-Study for 50 minutes then take a rest for 10 minutes and then repeat.

-Have proper sleep, eat healthy food, and then go for your exam with confidence and calmness.

Some Questions and Answers

What to do after failing in a class or in a semester?

First thing you need to understand is that you didn’t fail but you are now facing the consequence of you past actions.

You have to repeat your class or semester because you didn’t study, no one is responsible for that, only you are.

So firstly, accept this truth and then focus on clearing your class or semester this time and not repeating the mistakes you have done previously.

What if I never feel like studying?

Many students have this problem, even I had it during my school and college days. I study only because my parents want me to study and I didn’t want to fail in my exam.

I never feel excitement during studying my school and college textbooks or slides and the cause of this problem is our “Education system”.

At that time I had no choice expect completing my school and then preparing for college exams but If it were 2019 and I knew about “How I can turn my passion into a money-making business,” I could have dropped out of my school.

If not school then I would have definitely dropped out of my College where I Had spend precious” 10 Lakh rupees”.

School and College is a place of learning but their learning is outdated and is of the industrial age. In this Internet Era, if you think you can learn on your own and can make money based on that knowledge then you can leave your school and college.

Many students are doing this nowadays and are making full-time income.

But do it only if you have a proper plan in your mind. Don’t take any decision in a haste.

What If I’m Failing in a particular Exam Again and Again?

Sometimes it happens, you are preparing for a promotion exam, a government exam, or a Entrance exam but you are failing again and again.

Here there are only 2 solutions:

First, find out the reason behind your constant failure, there must be some areas where you are lagging behind and need to work on.

Second, maybe this exam is not for you. Well, if you work in a smart way for an exam, you will crack it but sometimes no matter how hard you work to crack an exam, it never happens.

In these cases, may be your destiny lies somewhere else. May be this exam is not for you.

What if somebody is getting a better marks than me?

This thought comes inside your mind when you are playing a comparison game.

Our parents compare our performance and marks, so this habit also comes inside us but this is a negative habit.

Never ever compare your marks, performance or life with anybody.

If somebody is getting better marks than you, then ask him/her for his/her strategies for getting those marks instead of feeling bad or jealous.

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