How Loss of a Loved One Causes you Depression and the Solution?

How Loss of a Loved One Causes you Depression and the Solution?

Hey, Positive People.

In this post, I will tell you “How Loss of a Loved one led to depression”. So, Lets Start.

When you lose your loved one such as brother, mother, father, sister, wife, husband, good friend, BFF and pet.

When such an event takes place it could generate feelings of sadness, hopelessness, irritation, anger, loneliness, etc. You could feel guilty or may feel that you have lost your own life with the death of your loved one; You could feel depressed.

When you lose somebody you care about, you feel these kinds of negative feelings. It is a body reaction but thing is to move on with life by putting these feelings away.

Now, if you feel depressed/ sad/lonely for 1 or 2 day and then move on with a positive mindset, then it’s all Awesome. But if you harbor these negative feelings over a period of time(let’s say 1 or 2 months), you could find yourself in depression.

All these negative feelings don’t cause depression in a day or two. These feelings if remain unchecked would first take you to a Mild depression; Then, If you don’t care of these negative feelings, they will grow and will take you to a Moderate depression and…

Ultimately if you still don’t take any action to get rid of these negative feelings, they will take control of your body and mind, and will take you to a Major depression.

So, How to face this cause, lets see

Life has a start and an end associated with it. Every living entity on this planet has to go from this place at some point of his/her life, whether that end is natural, untimely or accidental. Now, when you lose your loved one, don’t mourn.

Ask yourself one Simple question,”Could my loved one come back if I feel sad, lonely, depressed, angry, irritated, etc. ” What answer are you getting, it is NO. What is gone is gone, you can’t bring that person back to life now. So, what is the point of feeling sad.

Instead, feel the love of that loved one around you. Your [Gone] loved one wants to see you happy. Your loved one don’t want to see you depressed after he/she is gone.

So, move on with your life, value your existence and get busy in developing yourself, creating yourself, nurturing yourself, and reach milestones in your life.

When you lose someone you love, you gain an angel you know.


When you lose your loved one, accept the loss as you can’t do anything to bring that loved one back to life.

Move on with your life and always remember that your loved ones love is always with you whether they are alive or dead. Your loved ones want to see you happy and thats what POSITIVE KUNAL wants you to do.

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