How Negative Freinds Cause you Depression and the Solution?

How Negative Freinds Cause you Depression and the Solution?

Your Friend circle tells many things about yourself. You could have heard the quote,”If you want to learn about a person character and personality then just see who are his/her friends.”

Your Friends impact your life. So, it is important to Surround yourself with Positive and Motivated Friends.

Keep your circle small but loyal and if you want to live a positive life then either stay alone or surround yourself with Positive People only.

By spending time with Negative people, you also consume their negativity, which can lead to you having a Negative outlook towards every situation in life.

But many people don’t know “How to live a happy life alone?” so they substitute their loneliness with Negative and Fake people which in turn cause them more harm.

So, first lets find out how your Negative Friends can cause you Depression.

How Negative/Toxic People cause depression?

When you spend your time with negative and/or toxic people, you consume their negativity and toxicity.

Lets say, Someone has 5 friends in his/ her friend zone and all these friends are negative, demotivated, have no goals and always see negative part of everything.

Now, every day that person spends 2-3 hours( some days even more) with these friends. Every day he/she is consuming their negativity.

By spending more and more time with these people he/she is also becoming negative, demotivated, purposeless and starting a day with no goals in mind.

Your Friends define you. If you spend time with negative people, you become negative and if you spend time with positive people, you become positive

Now, Someday some kind of negative thing occurs in this person life such as failure in exam/ relationship, loss in business and instead of facing it in a positive way, he is constantly feeding himself with negative thoughts .

As he/ she spends so much time with negative people, he/she has developed a kind of disposition towards thinking negative.

For E.g, lets say a person faces a loss in business. Instead of thinking positive like,”What I can learn from this situation?”,”How can I make profits?”,”How can I improve my business processes”.

He thinks negatively like,”I am a total failure”,”I can’t run this business”,”I am worthless”.

Toxic people are even more dangerous, spending time with these people can cause you to harm yourself in the face of problems.

So, whenever in life this person will face any problem(which he/she will face sooner or later as problems are part of life),this habit of negative thinking which he/she learned from his/her negative friend circle will generate negative feelings like sadness, hopelessness, irritation, anger, loneliness,etc., and negative thoughts as mentioned above.

Instead of Solving the problem in a positive way, this person will exaggerate the problem and with his/her negative thinking would create more problems which If remain unsolved will take him/her to depression.

Depression is just a culmination of all these negative thinking patterns.

So, What is the Solution?

The solution is Simple! Distance yourself from Negative and Toxic people.

It is better to be alone than around negative people. You can control yourself and your environmental vibes when you are alone.

You can listen to music, you can do whatever you want to do, you can consume positive content(Pics, videos, podcasts, text). You have a kind of control but you can’t control negative people.

Your negative friends can call you or can come to meet you and can fill you with their negative energy. You can’t control human beings like robots but you can control yourself.

So, always spend your time with positive, driven, and motivated people and also learn “How to live alone Happily?”

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