How Stress Cause you depression and the Solution

How Stress Cause you depression and the Solution

In our modern society, stress is becoming one of the most common causes of depression and the reason behind it is quite simple…

People’s lifestyle is becoming unhealthy-day by day-and they don’t know how to handle stress related to work, family, marriage, and life as a whole.

While stress is a part of life and every human being on this planet feel stress but by taking lots of stress- on an everyday basis- you deteriorate the quality of your life.

Stress can take away happiness from your life and it can become a reason behind many of your physical and mental health problems.

So, it is important that you learn the techniques and methods, you can use to bring down your stress level to a minimum number so that…

Stress doesn’t cause your depression and you can also improve the quality of your life.

Before I tell you about these techniques and methods, Let me tell you…

How Stress causes you depression

By taking lots of stress on a daily basis, and by not doing anything to take down your stress level or solve the problems, which are creating stress…

You push yourself into a negativity loop.

Here is a figure of Stress Negativity Loop:

Stress Negativity Loop

After this initial phase, if you still don’t take right actions to decrease your stress levels and keep spending your daily life in this negativity loop, you can go into depression in 10-30 days.


Now, let’s talk about the Techniques and methods you can use to bring down your stress level.

Solve the Problems Causing You Stress

One of the major reasons behind feeling stressful is that you don’t solve problems that are present in your lives and you instead ignore them or run away from them.

If you don’t solve your problems that are creating stress, then that problem will become bigger and bigger and it will create more problems and stress in your life.

Right now, calm down your mind and on a piece of paper, write down the problems in your life that are causing you stress and see whether you can solve these problems or not.

If you can solve the problem, then take action- no matter how hard it is- and solve it. On the other hand, if you can’t solve the problem, then you have to come on an agreement with your mind.

Tell your mind with an authoritative voice that this problem is now unsolvable and there is no point in taking any stress about it.

If you tell this to your mind again and again then you will not take stress about it as…

You and your mind clearly understand that the problem is now unsolvable and there is no use of taking stress about it anymore.

Two Examples

First Example: Your boss is yelling at you every day and you are feeling stress due to it.

In this case, go to your boss and ask him or her in a gentle and friendly way “Boss, why are you so angry with me every day? Can we solve the problems that are creating tension between us?”

If he replies in a positive way, then sit down and solve the problems between both of you but if he ignores you or replies in a negative way then you have to come on an agreement with your mind.

Tell your mind that your boss is a hot-headed person and he will not change his attitude. Let him deteriorate his mental health but from now on, I will listen to his angry words from one ear and put them out from the other ear.

In this case, Ignorance is Bliss.

Second Example: Let’s say, you are unemployed. During unemployment, you can take stress, worry, give up and may end up in depression.

On the other hand, you can reskill yourself, apply for online and offline job opportunities, never give up and get a job.

If you don’t want to do a job, you have many other options such as- you can start a business, go for higher studies, prepare for government exams, or go for solo traveling to understand yourself and your passions in a better way.

So, start solving your problems. Face your problems and solve them instead of running away from them.

Lifestyle Changes

You have to do some lifestyle changes in your life if you want to bring down your stress levels.

Here are some lifestyle changes you have to do in your life from today:

Start Eating Healthy: What you eat affects your body, mind, and soul. So, start adding healthy eating options in your daily diet. Eat your favorite food but balance it with healthy options.

Exercise/ Running: This is very helpful in bringing down your stress levels and it is scientifically proven. This activity releases good mood chemicals inside your body and mind which bring down stress.

Meditation: It is a powerful tool to cut down your stress levels and it can significantly improve your overall mental health.

So, start giving 30-60 min every day to exercise/running and meditation; Quality of life will definitely improve.

Get Good Sleep: While it is alright to work all night sometimes but don’t make it your habit.

Don’t compromise your sleep for work as lack of sleep affects your work in a negative way and it can also create stress, worry, lethargy, and anxiety.

Positive Outlook

Many times, we take stress due to our negative outlook towards life.

For Example: You call your friend/ girlfriend for some help and he or she gets angry with you and tells you that he/she will not help you.

You take this in a negative way due to which lots of stress and tension is created inside your mind.

If you had taken it in a positive way like “He or She must have a bad day at work and there is no need to doubt our relationship” you can save yourself from lots of tension and stress.

So, start developing a positive outlook on life. It will take time but with your self-awareness, efforts, and consistency, you can develop it quickly.

Do Your Work in a Smart Way

Lots of work-related stress is created inside your mind as you don’t do your work in a smart and efficient way.

This work can be anything like your job work, school work, college exam-related work, life-related everyday work, etc.

So, it is important to invest some time and money in learning some work and time management skills.

Let me tell you about some important ones:

First of all, don’t delay the work in hand and do the work as it comes. Don’t push the work to the last date like a pro procrastinator as this task of doing all work on last day will definitely give you a lot of stress.

Second, do your work in gaps like work for 50 min and take a break of 10 min. In this 10-min, listen to music, take a short walk or watch something positive and then start doing work for the next 50 min.

In this way, you will not feel overwhelmed, and you will recharge yourself after every 50 min.

Instead of 50-10, you can also do 45-15.

Third, don’t act like my work is everything and I will use my 24-hours to only work, work, and work.

This problem is faced by some work addictive people but this habit is very bad for your mental health.

So, no matter what work it is; Every day, make some time for eating, exercise, meditation, talking with loved ones, listening to music, working on hobbies, etc.

Listen to Music

Music is a powerful thing and it can come very handy in bringing down your stress levels.

So, listen to music every day and whenever you feel stressed out, play your favorite song and sing/dance along with it; Your stress will definitely come down.

Stop Controlling Everything

When a person starts controlling everything, he will definitely face lots of stress, worry, anxiety, and other negative feelings.

Guys, you can control everything in your life. You can’t control any person as per your needs. You can’t control everything that will happen with you in your future.

So, stop controlling everything. Do what you can and put the rest on this universe/god.

Have faith in the future rather than fear

Lesson For You

Adopt a healthy lifestyle, work in a smart way, develop a positive outlook, solve your problems instead of running away from them, listen to music, stop controlling everything and you will definitely bring down your stress level to a minimum value

After this, stress will never become a reason behind your depression.

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