Do I tell my parents about my depression?

do i tell my parents about my depression

Many people have asked me this question and I have spent quite a time on finding out the right answer.

I have looked at various cases that can take place if you tell your parents about your depression and…

After the whole analysis, I came to the conclusion that you should tell your parents about your depression – except in one case, which I will tell you in the end.

First, let’s talk about three reasons behind “Why you should tell your parents about your depression?”

3 Reasons

1. Your parents have bought you on this planet and they have a right to know about the mental health situation of their child.

2. If your parents get to know about your depression, they will help you and provide you the support and love which is indispensable in your fight against depression.

Remember, the unconditional love which you can get from your parents is just irreplaceable and its power is just enormous.

If your parents don’t understand you after you tell them about your depression, then don’t worry; I will explain what to do in such cases in a minute.

3. Another big reason behind telling your parents about your depression is if you take any extreme step (which you should never take) and your parents remain unaware of your mental health, then your parents will blame themselves for their whole life.

In this case, they will live their whole life with a big burden and one question will haunt them for their entire life, which is “Why my child hadn’t told me about his or her depression?”

So, these are the 3 major reasons for “Why you should tell your parents about your depression?” and Now let’s answer…

What if my parents don’t understand me?

There are many reasons behind this and let me tell you about the four most common reasons- one by one- as this is a very common question and asked by many people.

First Reason

Your parents love you, care for you but they are unaware “What really depression is and what its consequences can be on your life”

In this case, tell your parents about the disastrous circumstances of depression and they will surely do everything they can to learn more about depression, so that they can help their child.

Second Reason

Your parents underestimate your depression and think like “Their child is just depressed and he or she will get better soon”

There is a lot of confusion between depression and feeling depressed and many people use these words interchangeably but they are totally different things.

Feeling depressed is a part of life and it is a feeling just like sadness and hopelessness.

On the other hand, depression is not a part of normal life and it is a negative state of mind in which you feel many feelings such as sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness, apathy, anger, and irritation.

In this case, just tell your parents that you are not depressed but in depression from quite a time and it is a serious problem that demands attention.

Third Reason

There is a lack of proper communication between you and your parents.

I have talked to the parents of some teens who are in depression and sometimes, I see that the parents are completely ready to help their child but the child is not communicating in a clear way.

What I want to say is, tell your parents about your depression and tell them everything you are feeling.

Tell them about all the thoughts you are harboring in your mind so that you feel a kind of relief by sharing and your parents also understand your situation in a much clear way.

Don’t have anything inside, bring every single thought and feeling out of your mind and unburden yourself.

Fourth Reason

Your parents don’t care for you. Now, this is a rare reason as every parent care for their child but…

As a depression awareness guy, I have seen some cases where parents show no interest in the mental health of their child and they even mock their child or beat him/her for showing such a weak mentality.

In this case, you don’t need to worry much.

You have told your parents about your depression and done your part. If they are not understanding the seriousness of your depression at all then it is not your problem.

You should focus on getting out of depression and avoid talking to your parents about your situation as they will only judge you and their judgments will fill you with negativity if you don’t ignore them.

Also, there may be a case that your parents understand you after some days and if that happens, then it is good; You get extra love and support from your parents but…

If your parents never understand you at all and only judge you- every time- then it is better to not talk much with them and instead use your time and energy on defeating depression.

What if you have no support of your parents, you have your support, my support, and the support of this universe/god.

When shouldn’t I tell my parents about my depression?

Well! You should tell your parents about your depression but there is one case where I think, it is better to not tell your parents.

Don’t tell your parents about your depression if they are very abusive.

Now, this is a very rare case but lots of different kinds of people live on this planet and it is better to not tell your abusive parents about your depression as they can abuse you and this can worsen your situation.

Lesson For You

Tell your parents about your depression in a clear way and don’t hold anything inside you.

Love and support you get from your parents are just priceless and they are very helpful in defeating depression.

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