How Your Belief System affects your Fight against Depression?

depression and your belief system

Do you believe that you can defeat depression?

The answer to this simple question plays a very crucial part in your journey to defeat depression.

Some People who are struggling with depression- lose this belief, give up- and end up in doing a kind of permanent marriage with depression.

On the other hand, some people never lose their belief, keep on taking actions required to overcome depression- no matter what problem, difficulty, or obstacle comes in the way- and defeat depression sooner or later.

Guys! Your beliefs shape your life and to defeat depression- effectively- it is crucial that you never lose the belief that “You Can Defeat Depression” no matter what happens.

Defeating depression is never easy. In your fight against depression, you will face lots of difficulties, problems, and hardships; You will fail many times and get a feeling to “Just Give up”; You will struggle a lot but you need to keep your belief intact as…

Once you lose the belief that “You can defeat depression” you will stop taking actions which are required to overcome depression and when you stop taking those actions, you will not get a required result i.e a depression free life.

My Talk with a Women

Recently, I talked to one woman who is in depression from last 2 years. Her major causes of depression were divorce and dependency. This woman was emotionally and financially dependent on her husband and now she is living in her mom’s house without any source of income.

When I asked her “What she is doing to defeat depression?” She replied, “Nothing! I believe that depression is a part of my life and now, I have to spend my whole life with depression”

Then I explained to her that what she is believing is not true and she can defeat depression if she put consistent efforts in the right direction. She asks me “What is the right direction?”

I told her about the method, strategies, practical ways, techniques, and other important information required to defeat depression. At the end of the conversion, she told me that she is feeling good now and she will implement the things I explained to her.

I told her to not lose this belief again in the future- no matter what problem, difficulty, or obstacle comes in your way; Implement the information I have provided you and defeat depression. After that, I talked to her after 4 days and she was again in the same situation.

She has lost the belief that she can defeat depression and once again spending her time with negative thoughts and feelings; She is just passing her life with the burden of depression as according to her belief- Depression can’t be defeated.

Now, you may ask, “Why this woman is not losing her belief that ‘I can’t defeat depression?'”

There can be three reasons:

She is giving up after facing problems

Guys! In your journey to defeat depression, you will face lots of problems; You will feel uncomfortable while taking actions required to defeat depression.

Depression will try to feed your mind with negative thoughts but you need to keep on moving without losing hope and giving up. You have to keep on putting efforts- no matter how small and big- with consistency.

The number one reason behind this woman losing her belief is that she may have changed her belief after talking with me but when she start implementing things, she faces difficulties.

She feels uneasy to take actions required; She Keeps on listening to the negative voices of depression and give up eventually.

Once she gave up, she once again lost the belief that “I can defeat depression”

She is not taking any action at all

There is a difference between saying and actually doing it. This woman told me that she will implement the information I have provided to her but it could be the case that she had implemented nothing at all.

Remember guys, it is important to think positive but you also have to implement those positive thoughts to get positive outcomes.

She is defending her belief

Another Case can be that instead of accepting that she is lying to herself by believing “She can’t defeat depression” she goes in defensive mode and don’t want to feel bad by accepting the truth that “She can defeat depression”

In more simple language, when someone challenges your belief and make you realize that what you are believing is a lie; You can take it in a positive and a negative way.

Negative way: You can just say to yourself that what that person is telling you is not true as to accept that truth, you first have to accept that you are wrong and some people don’t want to accept that they are wrong as it makes them feel bad or inferior.

Positive way: After listening to that person, you accept that you are telling lies to yourself. You learn from your mistakes or wrong beliefs and move on with a new firm belief that “I can defeat depression and I will”

This woman is one example of such a person who is unable to defeat depression as he or she doesn’t have a firm belief that “I can defeat depression”.

I have talked with lots of such people and some of them are in depression from last 15-20 years and now, depression has become a normal part of their life.

Some people even said to me that “It’s impossible to live a life without depression”

You guys don’t have to do a fatal mistake these guys are doing. No matter what happens, have a firm belief that “You can defeat depression

How your belief is related to your thinking, actions, and circumstances?

It all starts with your thoughts. The thoughts which you are saying to yourself everyday shapes your thinking and this thinking then creates your beliefs.

After that, you take actions in your life based on your beliefs and in return those actions produce circumstances/ results/ situations in your life.

If you say to yourself every day that “I can’t defeat depression” then slowly and slowly this thought will become your belief.

Once it becomes your belief, you will stop taking actions required to defeat depression and when you stop taking actions, you will not get a desired result i.e a depression free life.

So, stop saying yourself that “I can’t defeat depression” and replace it with a positive thought like “I can defeat depression and I will

Lesson For You

My aim behind writing this article is to make you understand that your beliefs dictate your life and to defeat depression, it is essential that you have a firm belief that “You can defeat depression”.

While constructive beliefs can make your life better, destructive beliefs can destroy your life. So, it is very important that you introspect and filter out these false and destructive beliefs from your mind.

Remember, no matter what problem, difficult, or obstacle you face in your fight against depression; No matter if people are saying that “You can’t overcome depression”; No matter what happens, never ever lose this belief that “I can defeat depression”

Depression wants you to lose hope and believe that you can’t defeat him; Positive Kunal wants you to believe that you can defeat depression no matter what happens.

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