21 Depression Symptoms in Men and Women

21 Depression Symptoms in Men and Women

Hey Awesome One! In this Post, I will talk about, 21 depression symptoms so that you can get more clarity on Depression.

Depression is not Sadness, it is much different than that and in this post, you will get to know about all the signs, so that you can estimate whether you are in depression or not.

So lets start.


Feeling Hopeless is one of the prominent causes of Depression. You would feel like there is no more hope left in your life.

Thoughts such as, “My life is Hopeless“, “This whole world is hopeless” ,”There is no hope left” can haunt you everyday.

It is a powerful weapon of Depression as when you are living a life with complete hopelessness then life is not less than a living hell.

No matter how bad a persons’ day is, he/she still moves on in life with hope but depression steals this power of hope from your knapsack of superpowers.

Low Focus/ Concentration

Another prominent symptom of Depression.

No matter how hard you would try, you will not to be able to keep your focus on anything.

One second you are concentrating on your work and next second you are out of focus.

It would become hard for you to keep your focus on one thing, your mind will vacillate constantly.

Suicidal thoughts

When you are in moderate or major depression then suicidal thoughts could come inside your mind.

This is one of the most wicked powers of depression as it can lead to your Death.

You can even attempt suicide attempts when these suicidal thoughts take over your mind.

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Loss of interest in Previously Enjoyed Activities

You would lose interest or pleasure from activities which you enjoyed before getting into Depression.

This activity can be anything which generates positive energy inside you before getting into Depression such as Sex, Playing Video Games, Masturbation, playing Football, Dancing, and Singing.

Not every person in depression faces this symptom but it is still present in many people facing it.

Also, if you are not facing this symptom then you can add these activities to your practical ways to get out of Depression.

Unexplainable Physical Pain

Backaches, head pain, stomach pain, or any other kind of physical pain whose cause is unexplainable can be caused by depression.

During my depression time, I had faced Backaches and Head pains.

Low Self-Esteem

You will lose your worthiness. You would feel like you are not worthy of living this life.

Your Self- Esteem will reach the lowest point and this unworthiness can also generate suicidal thoughts inside your mind.

This is also a prominent cause of Depression and a powerful one.


Anxiety and Depression are like Sister and Brother. Sometimes a person faces both anxiety and depression at the same time which makes things more difficult for him/her.


Even if you don’t do anything the whole day, you will still feel exhausted.

Depression will consume all the energy present inside your body and mind and even simple tasks like getting out of bed, or going for a pee would become big tasks for you.

You could even feel like that you have no energy left to talk, to move or to eat.

Affinity Towards Darkness

You will avoid light and Darkness will become your best friend. The moment sun rises, you will spend the whole day with a strong wish of night to come back as soon as possible.

Laying down on a bed in a dark room and then overthink over negative thoughts is one of the major activity that a person in depression loves to perform.

Even if that person don’t love this activity but he/she will still spend quite a time on this activity.

Darkness is where Depression Prevails.


Overthinking is not only a cause of depression but also its symptom.

A person in depression spends quite a time of his/her day in overthinking. He/she overthink over any negative thing ever happen in his/her life.

Overthinking will become your habit and depression also loves it as he wants you to spend your whole day in overthinking over negative thoughts.

Social Withdrawal

Another powerful weapon of Depression. You would avoid any kind of social contact.

You will not go to any social event, you would avoid presence of any person around you.

Presence of any person whether he/she is your loved one or a stranger will make you uneasy and you will try your best to avoid any kind of talk with anybody.


Anger is not present in every person who faces depression but still it is present in many people.

Teenagers are more prone to this symptom as compare to other age groups but still, it can be present in any depressive person of any age group.

Lack of confidence

You Self- Confidence will plunge to the lowest state possible. Even if you are full of spirit and confidence before going into Depression. You will hardly feel any confidence during performing any activity.

Fear will take over your confidence and depression loves it as depression doesn’t want you to have any confidence left inside you as he knows that if you feel confident, you can defeat him.


You will feel guilty over things you have not achieved in your life. You could feel bad for letting your parents down.

Much of this guilt would be the result of your overthinking, but depression will take away your power to see what is positive and what is negative.

All Depression want is to make you the most negative person on this planet.


This is again not a prominent symptom of depression but still faced by many people in depression.

No matter how unimportant and trivial the matter would be, you would feel irritated.

Anger and Irritation can become like a habit where your response to most of the activities around you would be irritation and anger which would exacerbate your situation.

Negative outlook with low ability to think positive

Negative thinking is one of the most loyal friends of Depression and also the most powerful one.

When in depression, your outlook towards anything in life will become negative.

You will be unable to see Positivity, even in the pool of 99 percent Positivity and 1 percent Negativity, depression will make you to focus on that 1 percent negative only.

Overeating/ Under eating

Eating fluctuations is one of the prominent symptoms of depression. You could be eating less, or you could be eating a lot.

Some days, you could be binge eating and next days, you could be eating nothing at all.

Sleep disturbances

Another prominent symptom of depression. Almost every single person who faces depression go through sleep Fluctuations.

First, it would be hard for you to sleep and then it would be super hard for you to wake up. Some people even face insomnia when in depression.

Sleep and Depression has a special relation and many depressive person use sleep to escape their reality.

Drastic weight loss/ gain

You could gain, or loss a Drastic weight for no apparent reason. Here reason would be Depression.


People say that “Depression is Sadness” but it is not like that. Sadness is just a small part of depression.

You will spend most of your day in sadness and laughter, happiness or smile would become really hard feelings to experience.

Basically, Depression wants you to feel sad so that he can make his clutch on you more powerful and strong.


As previously said, you will lose interest in previously pleasurable activities but this loss of interest is not only limited to those pleasurable activities.

You could develop a habit of apathy. No activity will generate curiosity and interest inside your mind.

Unable to Move

This symptom is faced by a person who is facing a psychosis depression. During this, a person faces temporary episodes where he/she is unable to move his/her legs, hands, or any other body part.

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