32 Causes of Depression and How to Face them?

32 Causes of Depression and How to Face them?

Today I am going to talk about – “32 Causes of depression and How to Defeat them.”

First, I will list down all the causes of depression, then I will tell you “How these causes can lead to depression” and finally in detail, I will tell you about”How to face these causes in a positive way.”


Here is a list of all the causes:

  • Loss of a loved one.
  • Failed relationship/ marriage.
  • Toxic/ Negative people.
  • Fake people.
  • Stress.
  • Worry.
  • Constant pressure to perform well.
  • Peer pressure.
  • Expectations from others/ yourself.
  • Over use of social media.
  • Poor nutrition.  
  • Unemployment/ Business downfall.
  • Physical health problems.
  • Hormonal factors.
  • Neurochemical factors.
  • Genetic factors.
  • Disturbance in circadian rhythm.
  • Disruptive/ Surprising change.
  • Lies.
  • Bullying.
  • Humiliation.
  • Sexual/ Physical/ Mental abuse.
  • Poverty.
  • Over dependency on others.
  • Loneliness.
  • Overthinking.
  • Fear.
  • Anxiety.Certain medications.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Criticism.
  • Boredom/ Inactivity.
  • Failure in Exam/ Business/ Life.  

So all these are the Causes of depression. If you don’t face any of these causes, as they come into your life, in a positive way, that cause can become your future reason behind Depression.


So, lets see what happens when any of these causes come into your life. Lets take”Loss of a loved one”. When you lose somebody like your father/ Son, that loss generates negative feelings such as sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness, loneliness, irritation, and anger.

At the same time this loss also generates Negative Thoughts such as, “My life is Incomplete Now”, “I can’t live without her/him”, “Now, My life is in Hell”, “My life is also gone with that person”.

Now, if you don’t face your loss in a positive way and keep dwelling on these negative feelings and thoughts, then in future, these negative things can manifest themselves in a form of depression.

Depression doesn’t happen in one day. It is the culmination of these negative thoughts and feelings which you harbor in your mind.

If you face these causes in a positive way, then there is no chance that you would face depression in your life. You could feel depressed sometimes but you would never find yourself in serious depression.


I told you how”loss of a loved one” can cause you depression but the chain is very similar for every cause. Here is an Image of this Chain of Depression.

Causes of Depression: Chain of Depression
Chain of Depression

This Chain is Simple to understand. When any of the above mentioned cause will come in your life, it will generate Negative Feelings and Thoughts.

If you face these feelings and thoughts in a positive way, depression will not touch you but If you face the cause in a Negative way or simply ignore the one, then you can find yourself in Depression.

Now, I will tell you “How to Face each cause in a positive way” so that you don’t face depression. Also, you can click on any Cause to get a Detailed post on that particular cause. I’m working to cover each Cause in detail in Separate Blog Posts.


Loss of a Loved One

When you lose your Loved one such as Father/ Mother/ Sister/Wife, don’t feel sad. Remember only one thing that what is gone is now Gone. By Crying or by feeling sad or lonely he/she will not come back.

So, accept the change and move on in your life with Love and Blessings of your now gone loved one.

Your loved one wants to see you happy not sad.

Failed relationship/ marriage

This Cause is one the Leading Causes of Depression

Whenever you face a Breakup, Divorce or any Relationship problem in your life; Simply ask yourself” Whether I can solve this problem or not”.

If you can solve it then Solve it but you can’t do anything about it then leave it and move on.

Also, don’t become so dependent on someone that if he/she leaves you, You feel devastated or Incomplete. You are complete as a Human Being. Be psychologically and emotionally independent.

Not every Relationship or Marriage will be Successful. If you lose one partner then may be he/she is not made for you or is not Compatible for you. Learn the lessons from this relationship and look forward for a better relationship or Remain Single(Remaining Single has its own Freedom. I mean it!)

Toxic/ Negative People

Distance yourself from Negative and Toxic People. Negative person has a negative approach for every problem, so stay away from them.

It is better to be alone rather than being around Negative people whom you can’t control. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and Consume Positive content(Videos, Books, Podcasts).

Fake People

Do you want to live a fake life? If NO, then distance yourself from fake friends. You may ask, “Hey Kunal! How to spot Fake friends?.”

My answer is, “Look into their actions,” Fake friends are those who would say good things to you but their actions never commensurate with their words.

These Fake friends will never take any action that will help you in life. They would say, “I want to see you succeed in life” but either they will not take any action that will help you in succeeding in life or they will take action that will hinder your Success.

Real Friends help you the moment you ask them for help but Fake Friends make Excuses.

In life, You Could Have 100 Friends but you would only have 2 or 3 Real friends. I only have 2 Real Friends and I always remain in contact with them. I don’t care about my other social media or Fake friends.

Fu*k Fake people! and I mean it.

Stress(Another Leading cause of Depression)

Stress does no good for your body, mind, and soul. It only brings negative energy inside you. So why take Stress? Be Self-aware and as soon as Feel stress, get rid of him.

Shift your focus on completing the thing- which is generating stress. If you can’t complete it then take a break or do it tomorrow.

If stress-inducing work is really important and needs to be completed Today only, then complete it in a efficient way- Work for 50 min and Take a break of 10 min. Also, you can turn on a soft music while you are doing this stressful work.

Stress taking is a habit and to break this habit you need to take No stress for at least 21 days.

Take Chill Pill Instead of Stress Pill.


Worrying is a total waste of your precious time. It doesn’t change anything but it Steals your Happiness. It keeps you very busy in Doing Nothing with your present Time

Nowadays people even worry when they don’t get Enough likes on their Instagram or Facebook photo; This kind of worry is self-generated.

Instead of worrying, focus on whether you can do something about the thing which is causing you worry or not. If you can do something then do it without wasting any time and if can’t do anything then why are you taking Unneccessary worry?.

Also, some people worry about the unknown or about their unforeseen future. Instead of worrying about your future, Why don’t you work on your precious present and create your future.

Smart People don’t worry, they work on their present on which they have control and put the the rest on this Mysterious and Magnanimous Universe/ God.

Constant Pressure to Perform Well(one of the Key Causes of Depression)

Ask your parents/ husband/ wife/ relative/ brother/ sister or anyone who is constantly expecting good performance from you that “Your expectations are causing me more harm than good”.

You are putting a lot of pressure on me to perform well and it is affecting my life in a negative way. So, either stop putting this pressure on me or keep having expectations but I don’t care about them.


Do what you feel is good for you. Don’t succumb to society norms. Don’t let peer pressure to change you so much that you start feeling bad in your own skin.

You need to live this life by yourself so BE YOURSELF. Everything will change but you will be always there for YOURSELF. Don’t change yourself as everybody else is changing themselves to fit in a particular group or Society.

Know Yourself Be Yourself.

When you say YES to others make sure that you are not saying NO to Yourself

Expectations from others/ yourself

Have no Expectations from others and even from yourself. Live with a Flow, change yourself as moment demands.

Focus on giving your best rather than expecting best from yourself.

Overuse of Social Media(Leading cause of Depression)

Restrict your Social media usage, don’t scroll aimlessly in social apps such as Facebook and Instagram.

Don’t compare your profile with other people’s profile, don’t compare your photos with others’ photos, don’t compare your photo likes with others’ photos likes, don’t let anyone to bully you on social media.

Instead of making virtual connections on social media, make real time connections with people. Don’t let this virtual world of Social media to takeover your Real world.

Real world is Real and Virtual world is Virtual, don’t mix them.


Eat healthy, live healthy. Bring your usage of Fast- Food, Junk Food and all other types of unhealthy food items to minimum.

Eat healthy food such as Fruits, Vegetables, Salad, Meat, Chicken, Egg, Suger- Free Alternatives, etc.

Unemployment/ Business Downfall(one of the Major Causes of Depression)

When you are unemployed or your Business is not running well then focus on becoming employed or bringing your business to the Profit Zone.

If you are unemployed then focus on networking, Re-skilling, starting a new business(Online or Offline) if you want to, giving job interviews, uploading your resume to online job portals, etc.

If your business is not running well then focus on Re-Skilling, Upgrading your business with technological advancements, learning from mistakes, performing Constructive Actions(Hard to Easy) required to make the business profitable again, spend money on taking business advice, etc.

Focus on gaining momentum again rather than crying or thinking negatively.

Physical Health Problem

If you have any physical health problem such as Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, HIV then focus on solving that problem rather than ruminating over “Why I am facing such physical health problem”.

Don’t entitle yourself, many people face such life- threatning heath desieses but only the ones who do whatever it takes to defeat them, actually defeat them rather than living their whole life with such health problems.


If there is any problem with your hormone levels then consult a doctor and take medication and/ or Eat Healthy food items to bring your hormone levels to normal again.


Just like Hormonal Factors, If there is any problem with your Neurochemical levels then consult a doctor and take medication and/or Eat Healthy food items to bring your Neurochemical levels to normal again.


You can’t do much about this cause but good news is only genetic factors will not cause you depression.

Only thing you can do is to not put yourself in depression so that these genetic factors doesn’t play any minor role in the depression of your coming generations.

Disturbance in Circadian Rhythm

Circadian rhythms are the one responsible for running of your internal cloak cycles. Disturbance in them may cause you Seasonal affective Disorder(SAD).

Light affect these rhythms so don’t spend much time in darkness. Feed your body with natural and artificial light especially during winters.

Disruptive/ Surprising Change

Changes are part of life but the one who doesn’t accept this truth of life can not only face depression but many others big problems in his/her Life.

Accept the change if you can’t do anything to revert it back. Change is life, without change, there is no life. Whether good or bad, everything will end sooner or later. So, never create a bond with good things and never feel sad over the bad ones.


Big fat lies can sometimes cause you depression. So, if you have told big lies to your loved ones, show some courage and tell them the truth. Your loved ones will accept it, they are your loved ones after all!

Bullying(One of the Prominant causes of Depression)

Don’t let bullies to bully you. Take your stand, show some courage and tell your bullies with a strong voice that don’t bully you again or you will face the consequences.

These consequences are Complain to administration, jokes and memes around your bullies and beat the hell out of them if they beat you.

You need to protect your Respect and Dignity. Every time, someone will not come to save you from you Bullies. You have to take some Constructive Actions to Stop it.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” 
― Desmond Tutu


If someone humiliates you then face that person and tell them that you don’t care about his/her humiliation. Humiliators get energy when they feel that you are feeling humiliation. Don’t feel humiliation instead laugh and make fun of yourself.

When you have a courage to laugh on yourself , you get freedom whose power is enormous.

Sexual/ Physical/ Mental Abuse(one of the Key Causes of Depression)

Solution here is again to face your abuser, your abuser will not stop your abuse until you make him/her to stop.

Take help of your loved ones, complain in police, take help of NGO’s, or take actions which are in your hands but do something Now. Take only constructive actions. If your abuser is cruel then you may get thoughts like “I will kill my abuser”; Never entertain such negative thoughts.

By killing, your abuser would be gone but your life would also be gone. So, take some constructive action only(no matter how hard it is) and stop your abuse once and for all.


“Who wants to live a life of poverty?” No one but “How many do the hard and smart work required to get out of poverty?” Very Few.

Life in poverty is hard and even cruel sometimes and to get out of it you need to work hard and smart; You need to be determined and committed to defeat poverty; You need to have patience and a positive mindset.

There are lots of rags to riches stories on the internet. Read how they have done it, you will get lots of motivation.

Over Dependency on Others(Leading cause of Depression)

In this world, you can’t depend on anybody, This cause also plays a prominent role in Loss of a loved one and Breakup/ Divorce.

When you become dependent on someone psychologically and/or emotionally. Your life becomes restricted and dependent. This is a dangerous mistake.

So, never ever become dependent on someone. You can only become dependent on one person whose name is “Your Name”. As long as you are on this planet, you are with yourself; Can you say that thing for anybody else? I think Hell No!

Never become depend on someone, even your Shadow leaves you when you are in Darkness


People feel this problem a lot. Lots of times you could have said words to yourself such as “I am lonely”,”There is nobody to whom I can talk, ” but thing is these thoughts will not get you out of loneliness but thoughts like “I am not lonely”, “I will enjoy my own company”, “How to get out of loneliness?” could.

You are not lonely, you are surrounded by your thoughts, your body, your loved ones’ love, this Universe and, your environment. You are never lonely, you are only alone.

This alone time you can use in knowing yourself, creating yourself, improving yourself, and nurturing yourself.

Use alone time to learn something, to read a good novel, to watch a knowlegable video, to listen to some positive podcast, etc., but consume positive content only.

Alone time is a time where no one is around to disturb you, You have ultimate freedom to do anything you want to, but problem is people become dependent on others and when that person is not around, they start feeling lonely.

This is the problem you need to Solve by Yourself.


Stop overthinking, this is the solution.

Be self-aware and keep the gap between your Thought and its implementation less than 5 minutes. To defeat overthinking self- awareness with your thoughts is very important.

When you are self-aware, you can convert your thought into action in less than 5 minutes and that’s the solution.


Be fearless. A human being has only two fears: Fear of Noise and Fear of Falling, every other fear is human-made and you need to face and defeat him ASAP .

Fear is only Restricting you; Do you want to live a life as a Slave of Fear? I think Hell No! So, do the thing which is creating the most fear inside you and you will triumph over that Fear.

Certain Medications

Use of certain types of medications can also cause you mild depression. So, always take your medications for any physical and mental health problems from a good doctor and according to your body reaction to those medications.

Always keep in mind: Side-Effects of your Medication.

Substance Abuse

Abuse of any kind of substance such as Alcohol, prescription drugs, heroin, cocaine, LSD, hash, marijuana can cause you depression. So, beware of it.

Dependency on drugs is also a bond which is restricting you. Free yourself from the chains of Drug Addiction. I know it is hard but Anything worthy is not Easy(Universal Truth).


Solution of this is Simple:

Accept and implement constructive criticism and ignore the destructive criticism.

Boredom/ Inactivity

An inactive mind is a house of negative and evil thoughts. So, always keep yourself and your mind active.

No matter what your age is, keep your Mind and Body Active.

Failure in Exam/ Business/ Life(One of the Prominent causes of Depression)

People fail in exams; Many businesses fail but important thing is to learn from this failure. Success never comes without failure. Success is part of failure; Without failure, there is no Success.

Success is your Stepping stone to success. Learn from failure and implement that lesson in your exam or in Business strategy. If you fail again repeat the cycle(Learning from failure, Implementing that lesson) until you don’t get success.


Failure in life is the major reason behind my first major depression and it was also a major reason behind my second major depression because after getting out of depression(the first time), I didn’t learn “How to Face failure in a positive way?”

So, when I again face failure in life, I again find myself in major depression. This time when I defeated depression, I learn that failure is nothing but a part of success.

Without Failure, there is no Success.
Failure is a stepping stone towards Success.
Failure is Success

Schools and Colleges in our first 22 years of life don’t even teach us “How to Face failure in life?.”But My hopes are High and I want to see a Time where Schools and Colleges teach to student even”How to face and Defeat Depression”.

Other causes that are responsible for my depression are Over-dependency on others, Reluctance to learn “How to be happy alone”, Bullying, and Worries.


Whenever these above-mentioned causes occur in your life, face them then only, don’t ignore them and don’t let the negative feelings generated by these causes to grow.

Don’t let depression to Enter in your Beautiful Life.



The Time required to defeat any type of Depression Depends on Factors Mentioned Below:

1.Your Dedication. How Dedicated are you to Defeat Depression.

2. How much Committed you are?

3. The Severity of Depression: Minor, Moderate, or Major.

4. Whether you are a Action Taker or a Talker.

5. From How much time you are in Depression.

Is it easy to get out of Depression?

I have only one thing to say here- Anything Worthy is not easy and anything easy is not worthy. So, now it depends on you whether a Depression free life is worthy for you or not.

If it is Worthy, then it wouldn’t be easy and if it is not worthy, then Your Life, Your Choice.

Want to enjoy a depression-free life?

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