How Alcohol Addiction cause you depression and the Solution?

Awesome One…Many people face depression due to their alcohol addiction, so you are not alone and…

You don’t have to judge yourself.

Whether it is alcohol addiction or addiction to a video game such as PUBG, any type of addiction can cause you depression

Before I tell you about the techniques and methods, you can use to get rid of your alcohol addiction, let me tell you…

“How Alcohol Addiction cause you depression?” so that you can understand your situation in a better way.

How Alcohol Addiction cause you depression

Awesome One…like any other addiction, when you don’t get the thing, you are addicted to(in this case, alcohol), you can create many negative thoughts inside you such as “My life is meaningless”

On the same note, you can feel many negative feelings such as sadness, anger, irritation, loneliness, anxiety, and worthlessness.

If you don’t take action in the right direction to defeat your alcohol addiction and instead let these negative feelings and thoughts to capture your mind, you can fell into a negativity loop.

Here is a figure of Alcohol Addiction Negativity Loop:

After spending some time in this negativity loop, if you still don’t put efforts to improve your life and defeat alcohol addiction, this negativity loop will take control of your mind.

At last, if you keep spending your daily life with this negativity loop, you will go in depression in 10-30 days.


Awesome One…now, let’s talk about the techniques and methods, you can use to get rid of your alcohol addiction.

The DAR Technique

The first method you can use to get rid of your addiction is to completely stop drinking alcohol…

Control your urge to drink alcohol every time and just focus on doing other activities in your life.

While this method is effective, it demands complete discipline, commitment, and determination from your side.

Also, if you don’t implement this method in the right way, this method can backfire on you and can make your situation even worse.

The better method to use here is to decrease your alcohol consumption day by day and replace that decreased alcohol drinking time with some other rewarding activity.

Awesome one… you are addicted to alcohol as your brain’s reward system rewards you when you drink alcohol.

You not only feel positive feelings and thoughts when you drink alcohol but your mind also releases good mood chemicals inside you such as dopamine and serotonin.

That’s the reason, you feel so good- during and after- drinking alcohol.

That’s why, instead of completely depriving yourself of the reward you are getting by drinking alcohol, it is better to decrease this reward day by day and replace it with some other reward.

For Example: If you are taking 8 drinks every day, then you have to take 7 drinks tomorrow and 6 drinks the day after tomorrow.

Also, you have to do some other rewarding activity in the time which you were previously using to take that 1 or 2 drinks.

Note: You can decrease your alcohol consumption by 1 Drink per day or 1 Drink per 2-4 days, depending on your level of addiction.

What are these rewarding activities?

If you don’t have any constructive activities which provide you reward, you need to find those rewarding constructive activities.

These rewarding activities can be anything such as playing some kind of sport, exercise, meditation, reading, writing, cooking, watching a movie, starting a Blog or YouTube Channel.

It can be learning something such as painting, dancing, music production, coding, music instrument, video editing, psychology, and marketing.

There are an infinite number of activities you can perform and believe me, if you do different kinds of activities, you will definitely find some constructive rewarding activities for yourself.

During my fight with Cigarette and hash addiction…

These rewarding activities were learning psychology, listening to music, writing, reading, helping people, and starting my own Blog and YouTube Channel.

You have to Control your Urges

Initially, when you would decrease your alcohol consumption, you will still get urges to drink that extra drink of alcohol- which you have decreased- even if you are busy with some other rewarding activity.

The reason is, your mind will instruct you to get the reward which you can get by drinking that extra drink of alcohol and don’t waste this chance but…

You have to control your urge and order your mind that this reward is no longer available and you don’t have to yearn for it anymore.

If you keep succumbing to your urges, then your mind will never understand that the reward is no longer available and as a result, you will never defeat alcohol addiction and depression.

On the other hand, if you control your urge and tell yourself and your mind that the reward you get from drinking that decreased drink is no longer available, your mind will understand.

Remember, you may succumb to these urges sometimes but many times, you also have to triumph over these urges.

If you succumb to your urge to drink alcohol every time, you will never ever defeat your alcohol addiction and depression as a whole.

“Either you Control Your Mind or Your Mind will Control You”

You have to Feel Uncomfortable

When you wouldn’t drink the amount of alcohol, you used to be and at the same time, control your urges to drink that decreased amount of alcohol…

You will feel uncomfortable.

Your mind will tell you to don’t feel uncomfortable and just take a drink but to defeat alcohol addiction, you have to go through these uncomfortable situations.

Many people never defeat their alcohol addiction as they don’t want to feel uncomfortable.

They are ready to invest time and money to get rid of alcohol addiction and depression but they don’t want to feel uncomfortable.

These people become victims of ads that run on TV/ Internet and guarantee people an alcohol-free life if they buy their product.

Awesome one… there is no such magic pill available to defeat alcohol addiction and depression.

You have to go through those uncomfortable moments.

Now, it is up to you, whether you use those uncomfortable moments to make yourself stronger or to make yourself weaker.

Remember, anything worthy never comes easily and alcohol-free life is very very worthy.

Feel Bad Now to Feel Awesome Later

This psychological trick can do wonders in your fight against alcohol addiction.

It is also helpful during those urges and uncomfortable moments.

Thing is, you will feel good if you drink that alcohol- which you have decreased- but you would feel sad or guilty later.

On the other hand, you will feel sad when you don’t drink but you would feel good later.

You will feel sad, and uncomfortable while avoiding that decreased drink but you will get that sense of achievement when you finally defeat your alcohol addiction.

So, feel bad today to feel awesome later.

The 10/2 Rule

Decreasing your alcohol consumption from 8 drinks to 1 drink is one thing but…

Taking it from 1 to zero is another thing, as now, you are completely shutting down the reward which you are getting by drinking alcohol.

So, what to do?

You can use the 10/2 Rule which I have created during my fight with hash addiction.

As per this rule, for every 10 days, you have to decrease the consumption of 1 drink by 2 days.

For Example: After bringing your alcohol consumption to 1 drink, you have to drink at most 8 drinks in the next 10 days, then at most 6 drinks in the next 10 days and so on.

Remember, these 8 or 6 drinks are scattered over 8 or 6 days. You can only take 1 drink in one day.

By following this method, after 30 days, you will be left with at most 2 drinks in the next 10 days.

After this, it wouldn’t be much difficult to get rid of these last 2 drinks.

You can take 2 drinks in 10 days, then 1 drink in the next 10 days and finally zero.

This method works quite well as you are decreasing the reward you are getting by that 1 drink slowly and slowly but…

For the success of this method and the above mentioned DAR Method, it is indispensable that you find and create some other rewarding constructive activities.

Note: You can increase or decrease these 10 days as per your level of addiction.

Don’t Give Up

Last but not lost, never ever give up.

During your journey to defeat alcohol addiction, you will face many problems and difficulties.

Sometimes, you may succumb to your urge to drink that 1 drink.

Somedays, you may drink 4-5 drinks in a row.

But, you don’t need to feel sad or guilty; Just keep on trying.

Even if you find yourself in the same position where you have started; Instead of giving up, bounce back and put effort again.

Important Questions

What things do I need to avoid?

There are some activities which you should avoid if you want to get rid of your alcohol addiction in less time.

-Don’t watch videos in which people are drinking alcohol.

-Avoid going to places where you can see people taking alcohol.

-If your friend asks you to have a drink with him or her, tell him clearly that you are getting rid of alcohol addiction and just can’t drink.

-Never start taking another drug as it can lead to its addiction.

-Also, avoid playing video games for a longer period of time.

If you want to play a video game, play it but never play it regularly. You don’t want another addiction to grab you.

How to overcome depression?

Getting rid of Alcohol Addiction is just a one-step in your fight against depression.

You need to follow my 3-Step Kunu Method, implement practical ways, and much more.

For Step-to-Step Guidance to overcome depression, you can get instant access to my Hindi Video Course in just ₹990.

If you don’t understand Hindi, you can download my E-Book in just $15 (₹599).

What are constructive rewarding activities?

To get rid of alcohol addiction, it is indispensable that you find and create some constructive rewarding activities and not destructive rewarding activities.

Constructive Rewarding Activities are those activities that help you to grow and develop in life

It can be running, exercise, meditation, reading, writing, working on hobbies or life goals, playing sports, listening to music, etc.

You can also learn something such as marketing, painting, language, dancing, coding, psychology, video editing, animation, etc.

Starting a Blog, Podcast or YouTube Channel is also a good option.

Also, playing a video game, using social media, or watching YouTube videos/TV Series/ Movies are good options but you have to keep a check on their usage.

Play video games for 1 hour only but never play it every day.

Use social media and watch YouTube Videos/TV Series but do that for 1-2 hours only so that you don’t become its addict.

On the other hand, Destructive Rewarding Activities are those activities that hinder the growth and development of your life.

It includes binge-watching TV Series/YouTube Videos, spending 2-5 hours on social media every day, and taking drugs.

It also includes playing video games for 2-6 hours every day.

You have to stay away from these destructive rewarding activities.

Can I drink alcohol after defeating its addiction?

It depends on you.

After defeating alcohol addiction and depression, you can drink it on some occasions such as friend’s party but I recommend to avoid it whenever you can.

I drink alcohol some times but I drink it 1 or 2 times in 4 months.

Drinking that much is ok but never ever start drinking it regularly after getting rid of its addiction.

Is Alcohol Helpful in overcoming depression?

Not at all.

Alcohol is a depressant and it can make your depression symptoms even worse.

So, never try alcohol as a way to cope with your depression symptoms.

What if I’m Drinking to cope with my Stress?

By drinking alcohol, your stress levels may come down but…

It is not a constructive way to decrease your stress levels as it can cause you its addiction.

You can read this article to find out the technique and methods, you can use to bring down your stress levels.

Lesson For You

So, the master plan to defeat alcohol addiction is ready.

Implement DAR Technique, control your urges, go through those uncomfortable moments, feel bad now to feel awesome later, follow 10/2 Rule and Never ever give up.

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