How Fake Friends Cause You Depression and the Solution?

How Fake Friends Cause You Depression and the Solution?

Awesome One…The reluctance in separating your real friends from fake friends is becoming a reason behind many people’s depression.

So, you are not alone and you don’t have to judge yourself.

In this modern world, the number of Fake people is increasing every day and right now, many questions can be coming inside your mind such as…

-Your friends say something else but do something else. What to do?

-Your friends promise to help you in need but make excuses when the help is required. How to tackle this situation?

-How to differentiate between a Fake Friend and a Real Friend?

and most importantly…

How to get out of depression?

In this article, I will answer all of your questions.

First, I’m gonna tell you “How Fake Friends cause you depression?” so that you can understand your situation in a clear way.

Then, I will tell you about the Solution to this problem and finally, I will answer all the questions that come inside many people’s minds such as…

“How to make real friends?” and “What to do if you have no real friend?”

So, to not miss anything, read the complete article.

Now, Let’s Start:-)

How Fake Friends Cause You Depression?

First, when you spend time with fake friends, you consume their fakeness- consciously and sub-consciously.

More time you spend with your fake friends, more fakeness comes inside you.

Second, someday, you get a sudden realization that all of your friends are fake.

The friends you believed to be your true friends are not your real friends but fake friends.

They say you good things like “I will help you whenever you want”, “I want you to grow in life”, and “I want you to become successful” but their actions never commensurate with their words.

This sudden realization brings more negative thoughts in your mind like “This whole world is fake”, “Every person on this planet is fake”, and “I can’t trust anybody”.

You will also experience negative feelings such as sadness, loneliness, irritation, anger, and hopelessness.

If you still don’t face this situation in a positive manner and get consumed by the negativity, you can get into a negativity loop.

Now, after this initial phase, if you don’t move on in your life and keep spending your daily life in this negativity loop, you can go into depression in 10-30 days.

So, what is the solution? Let’s find out!


The solution here is not that complex and you may have already guessed the solution, which is- put all of your fake friends out of your life but…

For that, you need to find out- Who are your fake friends?

Let me tell you about the characteristic of a fake friend and then, I will also tell you about a small experiment, which you can implement to find out your fake friends.

Characteristic of a Fake Friend

Your fake friend will never do anything that can help you in the growth and development of your life.

These fake friends do many positive talks with you but they will never ever take any action that can help you in life.

Instead, they will take actions that would either hinder your growth or bring you down.

For Example: Let’s say, you are preparing for an exam or business project.

These fake friends will say good words to you such as “I want you to succeed in exam or project” but they will never take any action to do the same.

Instead, they will take action so that you get low grades in your exam or project and even worse, they can even take actions so that you fail in your exam or project.

Let’s take another example: Your Fake friends will tell you that they want you to get out of depression but…

They will never take any such action which can help you in getting out of depression. Instead, these fake friends can take action to make your depression even worse.

Now, this characteristic of fake friends will surely help you in finding out the fake friends present in your life…

I also want to tell you about an experiment that I had used to find fake friends in my life.

Experiment to find a Fake Friend

Here is a small experiment, you can use to find out the fake friends in your life:

1. Make a list of all of your friends and call them one by one.

2. During a call, tell them that you want some serious help such as urgent financial help.

3. Create an emergency type of situation for your friend, where you need some urgent help from him or her and for now, you just can’t explain much.

4. Be sure that you don’t sound fake during the call and note down- “How many of your friends ready to help you out”

5. The friends who would get ready to help you are your real friends.

6. On the other hand, the friends who would make excuses and not help you –even a bit– are your fake friends.

Let me give you one example

If your friends live near your home, you can call them and- in an emergency tone- tell them that you are in depression and need some urgent help.

If you are not comfortable in telling them about your depression, you can create any other emergency type of fake situation- just to test their friendship.

If your friend understands your situation and without any hesitation, shows a willingness to help you, he or she is your real friend.

On the other hand, if your friend makes excuses, try to delay things, make fun of your depression, or try to make use of your depression for his or her selfish deeds, he or she is your fake friend.

Note: This Experiment may not come useful for some friends as you could have some friends who are neither real nor fake- and are in between- but you can still learn lot of things about your friends through this experminet.

Some Important Questions

Now, let me answer some questions that come inside many people’s mind.

What if I have no Real Friend?

No need to worry! It is normal.

Many people don’t have a single real friend but it is good to be alone than being surrounded by negative, toxic, and fake people.

Become your own Real friend, spend time with yourself, talk with yourself, appreciate yourself, and criticize yourself.

The reason many people spend time with fake friends even after knowing their fakeness is that they don’t know “How to enjoy your own company?”.

They always need people around them and they feel anxious when left alone. This is not a positive thing.

So, let me tell you some points that can help you in living happily alone:

-Use your alone time to do something: Read a book, write something, watch a video, learn something new, work on your hobbies, go for a walk, achieve your life goals, etc.

There are infinite amount of things you can do in your alone time.

Important thing is to do those things and keep yourself busy, instead of thinking that “I’m lonely.”

Remember, alone time is a time in which you have complete freedom to do whatever you want to do; there is nobody to disturb you.

-If you want to do something, do it. Don’t wait for others to come so that you can do that particular thing.

For Example: If you want to watch a movie in a theatre and nobody is coming with you, then go alone and enjoy the movie and your own company.

-Solo travel to the places where you want to go. Initially, it could be intimidating to travel solo but with time, you will get comfortable with it.

Solo traveling has many other benefits such as “Freedom to do whatever you want to do during your travel” and “Understanding yourself in a better way”

-If you need a physical presence around you, you can get a baby pet.

Fake friends show you fake love but there is no such risk of fake love from a pet and it can also help you in getting out of depression.

-Don’t compare any aspect of your life with any person- in real life and in social media.

If you see any person around you or in social media having lots of friends, don’t compare yourself with him or her.

Let others live their life and you need to focus on living your life- with no fake friends.

-Always remain in contact with your loved ones-father, mother, sister, etc. You already have real friends in your life in the form of loved ones.

So, don’t let these real friends to go away from your life.

Every day, spend some time with your loved ones and if you live away from home, video call your loved ones every day.

Remember, The unconditional love you can get from your loved ones is just irreplaceable.

No friend-fake or real- can give you that kind of love and it is also very helpful in defeating depression.

We make a mistake of ignoring our loved ones for the sake of friends but when any disaster occurs in our life, we find out that only our loved ones are there to help us- along with 1 or 2 real friends(if you have them).

So, always remain in contact with your loved ones.

Awesome One…these are the points you can use to live a happy life alone.

Also, if you are dependent on your fake friends, then you can read this article.

How many real friends can I have?

Many people ask me this question and as per my experience in life, you just can’t have many real friends.

You could have 50 or 100 friends but you can hardly have 2 or 3 real friends.

I have 2 real friends and I always remain in contact with them.

It is Hard to Find Real friends Today and If You have one, Don’t lose them

Also, Remember

A real person doesn’t have many friends as he or she doesn’t live a fake life. A real person’s group is small but loyal.

On the other hand, Fake person has many friends but he or she is living a life of fakeness. A fake person’s group is big but only lies live in this group.

How to overcome depression?

Getting rid of Fake Friends is just a one-step in your fight against depression.

You need to follow my 3-Step Kunu Method, implement practical ways, and much more.

For Step-to-Step Guidance to overcome depression, you can get instant access to my Hindi Video Course in just ₹990.

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Remember, depression is the No.1 Cause of suicide worldwide and you have to get out of it- as soon as possible.

How to make real friends?

You don’t have to implement any formula to make a real friend; Just be yourself.

Instead of discovering friends, spend time on discovering yourself.

Indulge in the different phases of your life; Real friends will automatically enter in your life.

You don’t have to do any hard work to find a real friend. Just be yourself, engage in life, talk with people and you will find some real friends sooner or later.

Even if you don’t find any real friend, you know “How to live happily alone?”

Can I spend time with my fake friends?

It depends on you.

You have two options:

1. Completely cut out from your fake friends and spend time with yourself and/or real friends.

2. You can occasionally meet your fake friends-if such a situation arises- but a knowledge that you can’t trust these friends.

So, you can do any of the above-mentioned things but that decision need to be taken by you.

What are some things to keep in mind about Friendship?

-Never Blind Trust any of your Friends.

-Don’t become so dependent on your Friends that if they leave you tomorrow; you feel devastated, lonely, or depressed.

-Remember, Change is life; Friends come and go, nothing lasts forever.

-Sometimes in life, even best friends become strangers and I have experienced it in my life.

-Never reveal your secrets to any of your friends- no matter how good a friend he or she is.

-Never make use of your real friend as once you lose a real friend, you lose him or her forever.

-Never criticize your friends in front of strangers, nobody likes it.

-Lastly but most importantly, separate your real friends from fake ones.

Want to enjoy a depression-free life?

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