How Exercise and Running Help you in Defeating Depression?

How Exercise and Running Help you in Defeating Depression?

Exercise along with Running is one of the most powerful weapons against depression.

Exercise and Running are the natural antidepressants, as these activities release chemicals inside your body and mind which are similar to chemicals released by antidepressants.

But they have no side-effects which Medications have.

So, every serious Depression Fighter should add Exercise/ Running in their schedule to get out of depression.

Benefits of Exercise/ Running

Positive Mood Generator

Studies have shown that Exercise/ Running generate positive energy and helps in changing your mood from negative to positive.

No matter, what is your speed of running, when you run, good chemicals such as testosterone released inside your body, which helps in taking your mood towards a positive direction.

Improves your Sleep

Almost every person in depression faces sleep problems and there are many ways to get a sound sleep – such as intense mental and physical activity during a day, and soft music before sleep.

Along with all these methods, exercise/running is also a very effective way for getting a sound sleep.

Just do exercise/running for 30-60 min everyday and your chances of getting a sound sleep would definitely increase and studies done by scientists have proven this thing.

Make you more focused

Lack of Focus is one of the symptoms of depression and many people in depression face this symptom.

To solve your low concentration problem, exercise/running is one of the most effective methods along with reading.

Studies have shown that people who exercise everyday are more focused then those who don’t add exercise/running in their routine.

Good for your Heart

Depression affects every part of your body which contains your heart too and studies have shown that a person who exercise/run every day has a healthier heart than the one who doesn’t.

Running even 5 minutes everyday could add years to your life.

So Exercise gives you a healthier heart which increase your life span.

Gives you a Healthier life

Exercise/Running gives you a healthier lifestyle.

There are reasons why most successful people tell others to exercise everyday and one of those top reasons is…

Healthier Body, Mind, and Soul.

Exercise/ Running helps you in loosing weight, it helps you in burning calories, it indulges you in a positive activity, it helps in making your body and mind fit, it increases your life span, etc.

Exercise/ Running is one of those Activities which affect your body, mind, and soul in a positive way.

Generates Positive Energy

No matter for how much time you would run or exercise.

When you implement these activities, you generate positive energy. Even if you run for 30 seconds, positive energy would be generated inside your body, and mind.

Run for 5 minutes and along with positive energy, positive vibes would also be created around you and…

You know how important these positive vibes are to defeat depression.

Improves Brain Stress Resistance

Stress is one of the major problems that almost every person in depression faces but let me tell you one thing.

Exercise/ Running along with Music is one of the most effective natural stress busters.

Exercise/ Running generates neurotransmitters like serotonin and norepinephrine inside your brain which improves your brain stress resistance.

Helpful in Losing Weight

If your body weight is one of the causes of your depression, then you can use exercise/ running to lose your weight.

Running along with Exercise, and Sports is one of the most effective natural ways to burn your body fat.

So, if your weight is a matter of concern for you, then get a good running shoe and add these activities to your routine.

Start with a 5-10 minutes workout and then increase this time with each successive day but be consistent.

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Boosts your Confidence

In depression, your confidence reaches to the lowest levels and regular running/exercise can boost your confidence level.

Along with that if you set some goals to your running such as losing weight or burning calories, it further boosts your confidence levels when you achieve that particular goal.

It gives you a Natural High

You might have heard the term “Runners High” and what this term means is very simple to understand.

When you run for 5- 10 minutes, it boosts the brain’s serotonin levels, dopamine levels, and endorphins, due to which you experience a feeling of Euphoria which gives you happiness and generates positive energy.

It Makes you to spend some time in nature

Connecting with nature is also a very powerful method to defeat depression and by doing exercise/running in nature, you are not only getting fresh natural air but you also connecting with nature.

So, these are the 11 Benefits of doing Exercise/Running while in depression. Now, lets take some Questions.

Can I go to the Gym?

Hell No!

I strongly recommend to exercise/ run in nature. Go to your nearby park or just run on a pavement but don’t do these activities in the gym or inside your home.

Connecting with nature is important to get out of depression and by doing exercise in gym or inside your home, you are missing this connection with nature.

What to Do while Running/ Exercising?

You have to keep your mind engaged while running, as if you don’t, then depression will feed your mind with the negative thought patterns which can hinder your running.

So, while running or exercising you have to keep your mind engaged with positive content. You have many options here:

-Listen to positive music such as motivational music, inspirational music, religious music, and trance music.

-Listen to some good positive podcast.

-Bring with yourself a person who knows about your depression, and can give you a good positive company while running.

-Focus your mind on the nature around you.

-Bring your pet along with you.

What to Avoid While Running/ Exercising?

-Don’t consume any kind of Negative Content.

-Do not listen to songs which remind you about your depression like don’t listen to romantic songs if the cause of your depression is divorce or Breakup.

-Never bring such running partners who judge you and/or don’t know about your depression.

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